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Mission Vision and Values

What will GROW do?

Delivering excellence and gaining the best possible outcome for our members and associates. Ensuring that our services are person centred, adaptable and taking into account individual wishes and needs through our approach of Goal, Reality, Options, Will.

How will GROW do this?

Supporting individuals to gain new skills and opportunities in an individual way, around our CORE skills:

  • Reflection Skills
  • Life Skills
  • Teamwork Skills
  • Functional Skills
  • Employment Skills
  • Communication Skills

What GROW Promises

We promise to treat you all members and individuals and respect that people are different, we will value everyone the same
GROW Team will value every person as an individual. Respecting other’s views, choices and decisions, not making assumptions.
GROW will provide people with information that is easy to understand enabling members to make choices that are right for them
We will support each person to be as independent as they can be and want to be
We will support people to know and to have their rights and to understand their responsibilities
We will support people to achieve their goals by providing a sense of purpose, choice and opportunity

Join the GROW Project

Are you or anyone you know interested in becoming a GROW member?
We are always happy to answer any questions about what we do and the services we provide. Just use any of our contact details. We look forward to hearing from you!

The GROW Project..

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The GROW Project

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The GROW Project

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